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Ohio House Democrats in the Majority for 17 Months, Still Don’t Understand Committee Rules

May 18, 2010 at 8:20 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

State Rep. Kenny Yuko’s office informed fellow committee members and the press that Ohio House Democrats do not understand the most basic rules of how a committee approves legislation:

According to section 40 (b) of the rules of the Ohio House, a simple majority of the committee is needed to pass a bill out of committee. However, the eleven member Commerce and Labor Committee had only nine representatives present, meaning that six members would need to support the measure. Both measures were split by a party line 5-4 vote, falling short of the required minimum vote count.

HB 365 is a bill which makes sure that certain educational employees get to be part of the union negotiations which cripple our state with extra expenses and unfunded pension liabilities.

And HB 362 reques fire extinguishes and carbon monoxide alarms in residential buildings. Thanks to the incompetence of Ohio House Democrats, until they fix their embarrassing mistake, CHILDREN WILL DIE  HORRIBLE DEATHS FROM CARBON MONOXIDE. Blood is on your hands, Yuko!!

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  • Khadine Ritter
    Let's do these House Ds a favor and send them packing. I encourage readers to check out www.AndyThompsonforOhio.com - Just last week, Andy and fellow City Council members defeated the unions' aggressive push for a PLA. His website shows he doesn't pull punches. Plundersbund mocks his Christianity (must be doing something right!) He's a well-read thoughtful Conservative. This patriot is the real deal.
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