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Like This Strickland Ad? I hope So… You Paid for It!

May 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

AFSCME and a dirty money group set up by the Democratic Governor’s Association called “Building a Stronger Ohio” launched this ad, which you helped pay for:

Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine explains:

The $448,000 in negative attack ads that mega-union AFSCME launched today against Ted Strickland’s opponent John Kasich will be paid for with up to $2.25 million from Ohio taxpayers that the union will start receiving later this year thanks to executive orders signed by Ted Strickland.

“This is money laundering on a level that would make a drug dealer blush,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. “In letting his union friends organize self-employed workers whose customers pay them with their state benefits, Ted Strickland has done nothing more than give his political attack allies the keys to Ohio’s bank account. I suppose it looks a little better than if he used a state check to pay for the attack ads himself, but the practical effect is the same.”

On February 1, 2008 Strickland issued Executive Order 2008-02S allowing Ohio’s 7,500 self-employed private-sector child care workers, whose customers pay with state-subsidized funds, to join labor unions. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 organized these workers and Strickland signed the first collective bargaining agreement in January.

As a result of this agreement, AFSCME Ohio Council 8 can collect up to $25 per month from Ohio’s self-employed child-care workers or up to $2.25 million annually. Moreover, the State of Ohio collects AFSCME’s dues for it, withholding the dues money from the state’s payments to child care workers. The state then sends the money directly to AFSCME. With the money it receives from the State of Ohio, AFSCME then finances a variety of political activities, such as the negative attack ads it launched today against Strickland’s opponent John Kasich.

Not surprisingly, AFSCME is one of Strickland’s largest donors and the Center for Responsive Politics has named AFSCME the second largest political contributor in the nation, with $42.5 million in donations since 1990. AFSCME has given Strickland $119,000 for his campaigns for governor and the $63,000 it gave him while a congressman made it one of his top-10 largest donors.

This isn’t the first time your tax dollars have been spent on TV ads. And maybe the Ohio GOP would have more credibility on this issue if it opposed efforts such as the Third Frontier, which ran a multi-million dollar campaign essentially funded by the bond money for the handouts that companies and lobbyists receive.

Or what about charter school owners? All very true, but at some point this line of attack becomes argumentum ad absurdum… especially when evoking imagines of “drug dealers.” The real drug here is big government, and big government liberals such as Ted Strickland like to get high on their own supply. er, or something like that

But the takeaway from this should that campaign finance laws are a joke. Democrats in Ohio, which may file fundraising reports that are less than impressive, don’t include these sort of 3rd party efforts and out of state groups… many of which don’t even have to file! Donors who wish to buy influence with Gov. Strickland can always find ways to donate to third parties. Just like Jon Husted should be nervous about Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, as fundraising becomes less important when dirty groups like George Soros’ Secretaries of State Project use their limitless resources in Ohio.

Democrats are facing a candidate for governor with low name ID, and wisely attempting to define Kasich before he can define himself.

Congressman Ted Strickland who voted for the changes to the Community Reinvestment Act and supported the sort of government-underwritten securities which lead to the collapse of the superficially inflated housing market, and Lehman’s collapse is tied to investing those securities and related derivatives.

But Ted Strickland is campaigning on the same sort of hollow populism that he built a long, unimpressive political on. Screaming “Wall Street”, “greed”, “George Bush” is all they can do… and Kasich can fairly fault Gov. Strickland for 11% unemployment. But the time for Team Kasich to respond is now.

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