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Rep. Blessing: Ohio House Democrats Have Set Up a “Constitution-Free Zone”

June 10, 2010 at 12:42 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Assistant Republican Leader Louis Blessing of Cincinnati really took the gloves off on House Democrats on NBC 4.

He makes the case that if Ohio voters do give the conservative Batchelder-lead Republican caucus the majority, they are voting NOT to raise taxes but to instead force government to do what Ohio families do: cut spending and live within their means.

Blessing also notes how much Speaker Budish and Democrats hate the freedom of speech, as we saw in the Elizabeth Trisler , when Professor Richard Vedder of Ohio University, a champion of free markets, was prohibited from speaking during Pari Sabety-coordinated income tax bill show trials, and by violating House Rules by rejecting a Republican amendment for Husted’s stupid election reform bill AFTER the clerk already it in hand. (Some Republicans voted for it anyway, as the rumors are that Husted sent text messages to legislators noting that this is important to his campaign for Secretary of State.)

Watch Rep. Blessing below:

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