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David Pepper With Huge Cash Advantage Over Dave Yost

June 11, 2010 at 5:40 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Dave Yost reports $50,509.12 of contributions received this quarter, with only $37,594.71 on hand, most of which came from the Ohio Republican Party and a few major Republican donors such as David Brennan.


Compare that to David Pepper, who reports $1,212.613.58 on hand. Just yesterday, the Ohio Democrat Party donated $100,000 to him, not including the $5000 from Chris’ money honey Kim. I count AT LEAST $100,000 from people named Pepper. And on May 25, Carl Lindner donated $2,500.

After serious crowing by the Ohio GOP after defeating former Auditor candidate Seth Morgan, this is depressing. With hard ball tactics like not allowing Morgan-supporting Republican legislators from using the ORP mail permit, I’ve never seen the state party more animated and alive than they were when gleefully batting down ragtag, unorganized TEA party efforts. After the primary, did they just give up?

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  • drvinnyboombotz
    The leadership of the Ohio Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves if they lose the Auditor's office.
  • Nomoretaxes
    As for Wexner's dirty money, Yost will spend all his trying to regain what little trust GOP voters have in him after the bait and switch game engineered by Kevin DeWine.

    Pepper will always outspend his opponents with his daddies and Carl Lindners cash.

    After Dave Yost and Mike DeWine loose in November, you wonder how long it will take the State Central Committee to terminate Kevin DeWine ?
  • Guest
    Your question assumes that the SCC has the ba[[$ to stop licking the hand that spends millions to keep them in their non-salaried positions, lol. Your larger point is exactly the one Kevin Dewine will use to blame the very base he so arrogantly spit on, should the r's not sweep every race.

    I think he and all the other progressives @ the ORP should have to get real private sector jobs. Perhaps living under the bull$&#t policies of progressive republicans will give them a revelation. Lol, of course that assumes they have a lick of sense.
  • Guest
    Sure, Pepper may have money, but WE are carrying on the standard of having a State Auditor with a CP- oh wait, forget it. And so all things being equal, money wins. Pepper can buy his record & reputation 4 times in every county. People who aren't politically active know that much... and the ORP definitely knew it while they were spending an exorbitant amount of money to defeat their [disaffected] base, lol. We all knew those bills were being paid out of Yost's "account."

    I'm curious, do you think the DeWine Dynasty sat around & said "Let's just go ahead and take the wind out of the base's sails early...they'll get over it and even if they don't, we don't need 'em this year b/c the pendulum is swinging back our way. As long as Jon & Mike win, who cares anyway?"
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