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National Riffle Association Endorses Ted Strickland for Governor

June 14, 2010 at 11:31 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Ted Strickland is Often Used as a Huckleberry Prop by Staunchly Anti-Gun Presidential Candidates

His former Congressional district remains one of the poorest in the nation, but Ted Strickland’s years of pretending to like guns  finally paid off. The First general election endorsement the NRA has made this cycle is to Gov. Strickland. I assumed there may be a duel endorsement, but was incredibly wrong. Yuck:


Sandy Theis fed this story to her liberal Plain Dealer protege Julie Carr Smyth here. John Kasich has repeatedly apologized for his vote on the assault weapons ban, noting that it doesn’t reduce crime. But Ted Strickland’s votes in Congress on guns are still better.

What is Gov. Strickland doing about the much needed restaurant/car carry legislation, which is being stalled by the anti-gun Democrat leaders in the Ohio House of Representatives? So far, Strickland remains silent.

And what are the limits of Ted’s support of guns? Does Ted support Vermont-style carry, where no permit is necessary?

Clearly, with Kasich’s voting record and an attorney general candidate Mike DeWine, I believe it can argued that the Ohio Democrats have, on paper, a more pro-gun ticket than Republicans do.  So regardless of their polices which hurt Ohio’s economy and scare small businesses out of the state, Democrats are smart enough to know the importance of gun rights to the “bitter clingers” they privately detest.

Somewhere, Toby Hoover is crying.

Update: Here is Kasich’s response at the Voice of America TEA Party Rally with Willie Cunningham:

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  • OhioanVoters
    National Rifle Association:

    Thank you very much for NOT endorsing John Kasich for Governor of Ohio.

    I used to be a member of the NRA and I will be renewing my membership because the NRA has demonstrated that it also understands that John Kasich does NOT practice what he preaches and is NOT fit to be Governor of Ohio.

    We learned that John has NO “courage” and does NOT “Stand For Something” even in regard to his very own children and thousands of others (including ours) who were deliberately put at “risk” with repeat child molesters by the administrators at a private “Christian” school while those administrators and their attorney deceived and defrauded we parents about it. John Kasich actually still sends his daughters to that private school where the administrators remain in power, remain as a serious threat to unsuspecting consumers, and remain as horrible examples to the students on how to treat your business customers and fellow man.
    Please refer to the Internet Web Site www.NotKasich.com for the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence.

    Thank you
  • modernesquire
    In other news, what the National Riffe Association? Didn't know the late Democratic Speaker had a national following...
  • I fixed it yesterday but the cache didn't refresh.
  • drvinnyboombotz
    The Republican Party in Ohio is still paying the price for years of anti-gun leadership from the likes of George Voinovich, Mike DeWine, Bob Taft, Betty Montgomery, et al. We must give credit to pro-gun Republicans in the General Assembly being able to pass some pro-gun legislation in the face of the idiocy from some of the leadership in the ORP. We still do have a long way to go.

    The NRA was not going to endorse Kasich over Strickland. If Kasich has come around on this issue, which I think he has, he has to do a better job at making it publicly clear. Deborah Pryce and Rich Cordray had issues with pro-gun supporters in the 1990's. Both were able to come around and eventually get NRA support in the 2000's.
  • modernesquire
    Matt, just a few weeks ago, you noted how Kasich was spinning a different tale about his anti-gun VOTES to the New York Times. And Strickland has come out and said that he would like to sign the new carry-conceal reform bill into law. He hasn't been silent. The Political Director of the Buckeye Firearms Association has claimed that they have the votes for passage in the House.
  • The NYT noted the comment about "independence" came from Kasich's original comments on the floor of the House.
  • modernesquire
    That wasn't Kasich only anti-gun rights or anti-sportsman vote, though.
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