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The Word “Mosque” & And Chris Redfern is a Bigot

July 8, 2010 at 3:53 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The Ohio Democrat Party communication office has been shopping around this story for months… Apparently, since Treasurer Kevin Boyce, who has made corrupt deals with banks and investment brokers in exchange for campaign contribution, the solution is to scream racism!:

Race and religion are creeping into an increasingly contentious treasurer’s race between Democrat state Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce and his Republican challenger, state Rep. Josh Mandel.

The latest charges came from Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern, who called Mandel “a chameleon” who has developed questionable relationships with ultra-conservative politicians, talk-show hosts, bloggers and “birthers,” some of whom have made comments with racist and anti-Islamic overtones.

“Josh is using religion to weaken his political opponent instead of talking about his beliefs,” Redfern told The Dispatch. “At his very core he wants to divide us.”[...]

Mandel, 32, a second-term legislator from Lyndhurst, is white and Jewish. Boyce, 38, a former Columbus city councilman, is African-American and Christian. Amer Ahmad, his right-hand man in the treasurer’s office, is Muslim. (Boyce’s campaign deferred to Redfern to comment.)

The issue came to a head recently when Mandel’s campaign accused Boyce of “cronyism and corruption” because he awarded a $32 million, low-bid state investment contract to a Boston firm whose new lobbyist, Noure Alo, is friends with Ahmad, Boyce’s deputy treasurer and chief financial officer. Boyce also hired Alo’s wife, Walaa Waeda, as a receptionist.

Mandel then upped the ante, using the resulting news stories as a fundraising tool on his campaign website. In a short note to supporters on his blog, Mandel used the word mosque three times in talking about Boyce’s office.

The sad thing here is that the one screaming racist is the real racist… Redfern is playing into potential concerns about Josh Mandel’s conservative Jewish faith and promoting wild stereotypes of all Jews hating blacks and Muhammadists.

The truth is that the job opening for Boyce’s friend was ONLY announced at a mosque… not a church, a synagogue, an evening poker game but at a mosque. Just because this happens means that Mandel is prohibited from uttering the one word?

Redfern, who is a real scumbag and married a slutty Republican lobbyist after her wealthy husband was killed in a car crash, really knows no ethical limitations when it comes to political attacks. His comments are cheap and show that the Ohio Democrat Party is willing to mistreat religious groups in order to score political points.

And just when I thought this story was finished yesterday, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a group who has defended radical groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and has organized war protests with communist organizations, gave the story new life in the pages of the Dayton Daily News:

Charges of religious bigotry are surfacing in the state treasurer’s race after Republican Josh Mandel sent out a fund-raising e-mail that used the word “mosque” three times when talking about his opponent’s deputy treasurer, Amer Ahmad.

“This is just the latest example of the Republican party’s gross exploitation of Islamophobia to advance their own campaigns,” said Edina Lekovic, spokeswoman for the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

What is meant by “Islamophobia” isn’t a critique of how horrible women are treated in Islamic-countries or an intense theological debate. Mandel’s crime was simply mentioning the details about where Boyce pretended to announce unnecessary, new jobs he created for his friends. “Mosque” is not a dirty word, but Kevin Boyce’s actions as Ohio Treasurer are dirty.

This is the worst type of racial politics imaginable, and the Ohio Democrat Party owes Josh Mandel a sincere apology.

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