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Ted Strickland’s San Francisco Values

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Mayor Newsom Simulating Fellatio on a Mic

California, with a state economy collapsing under the weight of unsustainable public pensions and a public sector, is truly Ohio’s ghost of state budgets future.

And as CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby reported, Gov. Ted Strickland is being supported in a fundraising appeal by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in hopes of bringing in left-coast dollars from the radical homosexual activists.

Notice how he uses the only thing that gets Democrat voters excited about Strickland… That this election will have a major impact on the 2012 presidential race:

From Mayor Gavin Newsom:

I’m writing to tell you about a good friend of mine, Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio.

Every four years, Ohio is a pivotal swing state in deciding who will be president. Keeping Ohio blue in 2010 is critical to winning in 2012. This year, Ted is facing a tough fight for re-election – and he needs all of our help.

Like California, the Midwest has been hit hard by this global financial crisis. But Ted has been doing an exceptional job of laying the foundation for recovery. This year, Ohio has been among the states with the highest job growth in the country and last year was a national leader in advanced energy jobs created.

Ted has also been a pioneering governor for education: he reformed the public school system with the biggest overhaul Ohio has seen in eighty years and kept the state’s tuition increases to the lowest in the nation. And Ted supported employment non-discrimination for all Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation.

Please click here to help Ted keep Ohio blue with a donation of $25, $50 or $100 – whatever you can afford.

Ted Strickland has been a groundbreaking governor, and it’s important to help him win a second term. In contrast, Ted’s opponent fought to cut health care and education funding while in Washington. And he was a player at the now-collapsed Lehman Brothers, one of the firms that precipitated our economic meltdown.

Unfortunately, Kasich’s ultra-conservative ties are helping him amass funds and run a competitive race. To fight back and keep Ohio blue, Ted needs our help.

Can you help keep Ohio blue with a donation of $25, $50 or $100 to Ted’s campaign?

In 2008, Ted Strickland campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton in the primary and President Obama in the general election – and both won Ohio. Helping Ted win in 2010 will go a long way to ensuring that the White House remains in Democratic hands in 2012.

Thanks for everything you’ve done.


Gavin Newsom

P.S. Even if you can’t afford to give right now, please click here to join Ted’s campaign. He’ll appreciate your support and keep you updated on the race.

Newsom is Reason Magazine’s Nanny of the month.

By education reform I suppose we’re talking about how during Gov. Strickland’s 4 years in office, state aid decreased by $465 million…. the LARGEST cut in state aid to school funding since 1975. Here is the LSC chart with the exact numbers.

Contrast that with former Republican Governors of Ohio, such as George Voinovich, increased state aid for education by $264 million in his first 4 years. More money certainly doesn’t lead to better education- Cleveland spends more per student than most school districts in the country- But cutting education spending is the only “reform” Gavin Newsom could be referring to… other than kicking Catholic school children who received a 500% larger cut in funding than other schools. But harming institutions which provide a solid education while espousing Christian principles would certainly be in line with San Fransisco values, right?

Campaign finance reports are due soon and it will be interesting to see how effective Strickland’s California fundraising efforts were.

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  • LakeCounty, OH
    This is par for the course w/Taxing Ted. We have the Chicago thugocracy meeting the fruits and nuts of Cali. Tell then NO!
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