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Ohio House District 42- Libertarian Endorses the Republican

August 27, 2010 at 4:07 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Kristina Roegner with former Libertarian candidate John Hoover

Kristina Daley Roegner, a conservative challenger from Cuyahoga Falls with more than twice the money on hand as incumbent income-tax raising State Rep. Mike Moran ($34,169 to $17,169) , has put together an impressive campaign in the 42nd District. Roegner has been campaigning, without apology, on solid TEA party platform of lower taxes, shrinking government, and school choice. She is also is a principled social conservative with her support of  traditional marriage and opposition to abortion in all cases without exception.

Roegner has been so impressive to right-wing activists she he even impressed John Hoover, the Libertarian candidate, so much that he decided to gracefully exit the race:

A Libertarian candidate running for state representative for the 42nd House District is dropping out of the Nov. 2 election and endorsing the Republican candidate.

John E. Hoover, who was running on the Libertarian party, said Aug. 23 that he has withdrawn his candidacy and will endorse Kristina Daley Roegner, Republican candidate for the same office. Mike Moran (D-Hudson) is the incumbent candidate.

“Our positions were pretty close, hers and mine,” said Hoover, a Hudson resident. “It’s going to be a close election between Moran and her.”

Hoover and Roegner, a member of Hudson City Council, met after filing for the election earlier this year. ”

After meeting the first time, I knew right away that we agreed on many of the major issues including drastically cutting government spending, reducing the size, bureaucracy and burdensome regulations of government,” said Roegner. “I am honored and humbled to accept John Hoover’s endorsement in this race.”

When Moran heard about Hoover’s withdrawal, he said he would continue to campaign hard.

“I don’t plan on making any changes,” Moran said. “I’ve worked hard, I’ve made myself available, and I will continue to do the things I have done.”

Hoover, a lawyer with an master’s degree in finance, said he will probably offer Roegner advice on state budget issues.

“I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ll be giving her some information on that since it’s going to be a hot issue this coming year with deficits,” Hoover said.

I like taking a lot of cheap shots at libertarians, even though I agree with them most of the time. Their problem is, in a political system designed for two parties, they can often serve as spoilers for conservative candidates.

Libertarians allow perfect to be the enemy of the good, and come across as crazy anarchists waving black flags from a tree while simultaneously serving as useful idiots for big government statists on election day. And with a Ohio House Democrat majority who has passed budgets with a 4.2% income tax increase and billions of dollars in fees, a staunchly Republican caucus, lead by Rep. Bill Batchelder, offers a real conservative alternative in Ohio’s legislature. Hoover should be applauded for recognizing this, and his fellow libertarians should learn that Kristina Roegner is a true, small-government conservative.

Make sure to friend Kristina Roegner on Facebook here.

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  1. John Hoover
    August 28th, 2010 at 15:43 | #1

    The single biggest legislative issue is the next biennial budget. I am confident Ms. Roegner will take a leadership role with conservatives to reign in government spending in Columbus.nnJohn Hoover, Hudson

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