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And Now a Word from Erik Greathouse, Strickland’s Information Minister

September 2, 2010 at 9:53 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

It is hardly time for John Kasich’s campaign to declare victory, but this sort of mass email to Strickland supporters should be more exciting to Team Kasich than any of the recent polls:

From: “Erik Greathouse”
Date: September 1, 2010 8:12:58 PM EDT

Many have asked me to send around a few bullet points to have regarding some of the recent polling news. While we hate that there is even one poll out there showing the Governor behind – - remain VERY confident in our campaign and our plan.

Here are some polling points for you to share:

There is no doubt that this is a very difficult political environment to run in this year

Voters like the Governor, they trust the Governor, but his job approval is down because voters are very anxious and want him to fix things

Public polls are all over the map this year, but generally have Democrats and incumbents in a challenging position

We probably are down a few points right now, but nowhere close to 10 points that was published in today’s Rasmussen Poll

An internal poll done by another statewide candidate in the last two weeks has the Governor down 3%.

In July and August, the Kasich campaign and the RGA spent $2.7 million dollars unanswered – bashing the Governor.

The Strickland for Governor campaign just started to engage with voters on TV and we will spend the next 9 weeks defining Kasich and talking about what the Governor has done and will do.

The Strickland for Governor campaign has a $3million dollar cash on hand advantage over Kasich and will spend our resources wisely.

We have a much superior field and GOTV apparatus. The Ohio Republican Party spokesman basically acknowledged that in a Youngstown Business Journal article today. http://www.business-journal.com/ohio-dems-count-on-doors-not-dollars-p17345-1.htm

The Republicans are banking on riding a wave – we will win because we have a better candidate and superior organization

John Kasich has never had a tough election – Ted Strickland has had multiple tough races and knows how to win them

Erik Greathouse
Finance Director
Strickland For Governor

A couple of points… It is true that crazy Bob Fitrakis of the socialist Free Press magazine wasn’t much of a challenge for John Kasich in 1992. But he did face a tough election 10 years before that in 1982, against well known Bob O’Shaughnessy for the Ohio Senate, and was the ONLY Republican in the nation that year to beat a Democrat incumbent.

Correction: from a reader: Kasich did not run against Bob O’Shaughnessy in 1982. He ran against him in 1978. In 1982, Kasich ran against Bob Schmansky (the one term Democrat incumbent) and that is when he was the only Republican in the nation to beat an incumbent.

And it’s easy to pick on Rasmussen’s methodology, but the Real Clear Politics average has Kasich up by 10.3%. And yesterday’s Rasmussen poll didn’t show Kasich up by 10… he was up by 8. The poll Kasich is up by 10 in is in PPP’s poll, a Democrat polling firm, which still lists Gov. Strickland as the most popular governor in a Big 10 state!

And just as a general rule, TV ads aren’t driving poll numbers in Ohio in any significant way.

But it is true Team Strickland has a superior ground game, with more than 300 employees and help from outside organizations. The time for a scorched earth campaign for Gov. Strickland is now, but after all of this Lehman Brother’s confusing fluff and racially-tinged, tired “They took errrr jobs!” talk, what can they do to take it to the next level?

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  • LakeCounty

    As I recall, surrogates for Taxin’ Ted spent a lot of money after the primary complaining about Kasich’s “ties to Wall Street.” If the Strickland campaign hasn’t succeeded in defining Kasich by now, they’re done. The late undecideds will break for the GOP. The bigger race is for Attorney General.

  • http://lakecountyoh.blogspot.com lakecountyoh

    Hmmmm. Seems like there might be an impersonator.

  • Guest

    I’m sure those sleepy RGA ads really beat the crap out of Ted! Give me a break! Wow the dems are really making the excuses now. Wouldn’t being a lousy governor have something to do with those poll numbers?

  • LakeCounty

    Has it ever dawned on you that more than one person from Lake County frequents RightOhio and prefers a geographic ID? I’ve been commenting on this site for a few months now and this is the first time I’ve read anything from you. rnrnI assume you agree with my analysis of the faltering Strickland campaign? The signs are all around for Taxin’ Ted’s political demise. Stick to the issue.

  • http://lakecountyoh.blogspot.com lakecountyoh

    Yes. It did dawn on me–I was joking. I have commented a lot…in the past. Took a break.rnrnYes. I do agree w your analysis.

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