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Ted Strickland Promotes Major Ohio Tax Dodgers?

September 17, 2010 at 12:40 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

As I noted earlier, the CEO for Scotts Miracle Grow, Jim Hagedorn- who can’t even vote in Ohio and flies into work each week on a private jet from Long Island- is happy to be in a TV advertisement for Gov. Ted Strickland after the major handouts given to his company by the Third Frontier corporate welfare program.

Now, it turns out that, according to the Union County Court of Common Pleas, the State of Ohio Dept. of Taxation filed against the Scotts Company a tax bill for $353.973.72 on 9/17/18. The record shows that the lien has been unsatisfied but it’s not clear if the lien is still open.

Scotts Union County Court Document on Lien

Certificate of Judgment Basic Data

So take note, major corporations. If you’re a major Lorain County employer but donate heavily to Republicans, Ted Strickland will personally attack you in ads. But if you’re a rich boy CEO who took over a business after his father created Miracle Grow and they merged with Scotts and don’t pay your taxes… In exchange for the right amount of political support, you will get a pass on unpaid tax bills and Strickland’s ugly class warfare attacks.

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