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An Ornithologist for Ohio! (Ohio House- 93rd District)

February 3rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Andy Thompson is the conservative Republican who will likely replace Jennifer Garrison, the Democrat who was recently purged from the statewide ticket for her support of unborn babies:

Andy Thompson announced his candidacy for the 93rd House District today which encompasses Guernsey, Monroe and Noble Counties, parts of Washington and Muskingum Counties.

“I bring a small business background to the legislative table, and continue to utilize that experience and viewpoint to enhance the business climate here in Marietta,” Thompson said. “Now I’d like to take that same perspective to Columbus and put it to work for the 93rd House District and across Ohio.

Currently, Thompson is serving his third term on the Marietta City Council as an at-large representative. Additionally, he is the publisher of Bird Watchers Digest, a member of the National Rifle Association and an active member of the Rotary Club.

Thompson is much more than a bird watcher.  As Director of Development, his work was important to the early success of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a fantastic libertarian think tank which fights against the growth of government and the lies of anthropogenic global warming.

And if that isn’t cool enough, his website talks enough about faith to tick off almost any country club Republican. Check it out at

Jennifer Garrison Isn’t Finished With Politics, Might Become a Republican?

February 2nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

That is what we take away from this article in the from her hometown newspaper:

While a Democrat, Garrison’s stances on abortion and gun control fall more in line with the Republican party.

“One of the things I wonder, and this is pure speculation on my part, is whether she might be considering switching parties,” said Mike Tager, an associate political science professor at Marietta College. “That’s always tricky, but I don’t know what her reaction to this sort of being forced out of the race (by her own party) will be; whether she may feel, at least on the social issues, that some of her positions are closer to the Republican Party than the Democratic Party.”

When I grow up, I want to become a political science professor so I can give stupid quotes to newspapers.

One thing we know for sure is that Brian Rothenberg and his Progress Ohio can, for various reasons, support a pro-gun, anti-abortion traditional Democrat. Let me be the first to welcome Brian to the conservative movement!

Ohio Democrat Party Ousts Moderate Candidate for Disagreeing with Far-Left Dogma

January 30th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From the inbox:


(Marietta, OH) State Representative Jennifer Garrison, announced today she will not seek the Democratic nomination for Ohio Secretary of State.

“I have truly enjoyed meeting Ohioans from all walks of life during the 6 month campaign. Ohio is blessed to have a diverse landscape and people. I feel thankful and humbled by the support I have received from my colleagues, labor and Ohioans.” Garrison said.

“While I have determined this is not the right time for me and my family to seek this office, my utmost hope is that the voters will challenge all Secretary of State Candidates to explain how they will increase voter participation and facilitate business growth in Ohio.”

Garrison continued by saying, “I ask the next Secretary of State to be committed to the principles of transparent and fair elections and to concentrate on increasing voter participation. House Bill 260, otherwise known as the Elections Enhancement Bill is a good start. This legislation requires automatic voter registration every time an Ohioan touches state government, whether through renewing a driver’s license or applying for state benefits. This bill goes a long way toward increasing voter participation and reducing allegations of fraud within the voter registration process. I ask both Republican and Democratic candidates to commit their support for this bill.”

Garrison does not plan to seek re-election to the Ohio House of Representatives.

It appears that the candidate will be Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy.

Ohio’s Trotskyite Coalition was upset at Garrison for supposedly holding up the vote on a law that would encourage all types of lawsuits due to perceived discrimination against homosexuals, has a rather strong record of supporting unborn babies, and agrees with Gov. Strickland on 2nd amendment freedoms.

And while Garrison had all types of positions that were not conservative, I was a fan as she is the only State Representative who sends out a frequent, detailed, frill-less email about each of her vote, no matter how minor, and explains her thinking. Apparently, I was the only one impressed.

The Republican party should welcome her on their side, as the GOP actually allows for dissent. I mean Hell, in Ohio, such as in the Attorney General’s race, we even take the guy who is closer to the party’s platform OUT of the primary.

Ohio Democrat Party Chairman and MTR lobbyist Chris Redfern, before he was married, had lots of issues with women who he would quickly grow tired of and discard. Now, when it comes to Jennifer Brunner, Jennifer Brown, Marilyn Brown and others, Redfern still is very quick to toss out women he no longer considers viable. pathetic

And, importantly, I think the fact that she is not running for reelection is a signal that Democrats are bracing to lose the House majority in November, since it would have been a difficult election anyway and the situation isn’t improved by the Democrat caucus having to scramble and find a candidate by Feb. 18.  “Speaker Batchelder” has a nice sound to it, don’t you agree?

Update: Kyle raises an interesting question about what will Jennifer do with her campaign account. In a fair world, wouldn’t that money be returned to donors?

OR is she running for the Ohio Supreme Court?

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Behold the Power of Ohio’s Lefty Blogosphere and the Sodomite Lobby

October 1st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From Gongwer $$$:

Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown said Thursday she is dropping out of the race for Secretary of State, a move that makes Rep. Jennifer Garrison of Marietta the likely Democratic nominee.

“As a candidate for Secretary of State, I have traveled throughout Ohio for the last several months listening to the concerns of voters,” Ms. Brown said in a statement. “Many of them spoke primarily about local issues, and as I listened, it became apparent that I am most passionate about working on these local and county issues.”

Pro-Life, Moderate Jennifer Garrison Sits Down With Ohio’s Top Left-Wing Crazy

August 25th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Is this smart politics, or a waste of Garrison’s time? I think the most telling thing about this is… that apparently, the new Democrat base has a litmus test for its candidates, where any candidate who may have reservations about government endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle is an unacceptable candidate.

Exit question- Are there libertarian homosexuals who oppose this legislation, as it is a further erosion of property rights? Or it is a requirement that politically minded homosexuals be Rothenberg-style socialists? After all, in the long run, if government stays out of the way, it is very expensive, and perhaps impossible, in a free-market to discriminate.

Jennifer Garrison & Ted Strickland are Racist?

August 20th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Using unsourced nonsense, liberal bloggers are claiming that Jennifer Garrison once said… YEARS ago… that Subodh Chandra’s name sounds too much like someone who might work for Dell tech support… or something like that. (You know, the same people Sen. Brown might say are “takin’ urrr jobs.”)

If true, is Garrison’s alleged comment any more racist than when Gov. Ted Strickland said President Obama is better suited for American Idol than the Presidency? Or what about when Strickland was lobbying to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, and said that Democrats shouldn’t select “a face” that Democrat union voters wouldn’t want at their dinner table?

Update… Ohio Daily Blog chases down Strickland on video! Good grief

35 House, Senate, and Congressional Members Endorse Jennifer Garrison

August 20th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Kook bloggers at Buckeye State Blog aren’t happy, and I’m sure Ohio Sodomite lobby & HuffPo types are also annoyed. If everything the left is saying about her is true, I’d certainly vote for her over Sen. Jon Husted (R- Upper Arlington). She reminds me of most of my relatives, as they are sane, tradition-defending, conservative Democrats who have absolutely nothing in common with the Fabian socialists who have hijacked the Democrat Party.

Garrison Announces 35 endorsements for her candidacy for Secretary of State

Representative Jennifer Garrison is pleased to announce that 35 Ohio House, Senate, and Congressional members have endorsed her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State.

(Columbus – OH) Representative Jennifer Garrison is pleased to announce the support of 35 well respected elected officials for her candidacy for Secretary of State. The endorsers include her colleagues in the Ohio House and Senate and members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation.

Rep. Garrison stated, “I am pleased to have the support of my colleagues throughout the state of Ohio. I will work hard to ensure fair and open elections and assist in job creation by improving access for individuals and companies that want to bring jobs to Ohio.”

The endorsements are from elected officials throughout the state, both rural and urban districts, which illustrates the broad support for Jennifer Garrison’s candidacy for Secretary of State.

Assistant Majority Whip, Alan Sayre, in a statement to the Garrison campaign stated, “Jennifer Garrison has the integrity and qualifications to lead the Secretary of State’s office. Her experience in state government will ensure fair and open elections and support job creation for our State”.

Furthermore, Rep. Tyrone Yates touted, “Majority Leader Jennifer Garrison is an intelligent and thoughtful leader in the Ohio House. I know that she will prove to be an outstanding Ohio Secretary of State fulfilling the duty of insuring that Ohio voter’s rights are guaranteed and strengthened.”

Ohio House of Representative endorsements include:
Speaker Tempore Matt Szollosi (Oregon), Assistant Majority Whip Alan Sayre (Dover), Rep. Lorraine Fende (Willowick), Rep. Ron Gerberry (Austintown), Rep. Denise Driehaus (Cincinnati), Rep. Connie Pillich (Montgomery), Rep. Clayton Luckie (Dayton), Rep. Matt Lundy (Elyria), Rep. Joe Koziura (Lorain), Rep. Todd Book (McDermott), Rep. Tyrone Yates (Cincinnati), Rep. Mark Okey (Carrollton), Rep. Debbie Newcomb (Conneaut), Rep. Dennis Murray (Sandusky), Rep. Kathleen Chandler (Kent), Rep. John Domenick (Smithfield), Rep. Debbie Phillips (Athens), Rep. Stephen Slesnick (Canton), Rep. Peter Ujvagi (Toledo), Rep. Brian Williams (Akron), Rep. Ray Pryor (Chillicothe),Rep. Sandra Harwood (Niles), Rep. Linda Bolon (Columbiana), Rep. Tom Letson (Warren), Rep. Stephen Dyer (Green), and Rep. Roland Winburn (Dayton)

Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro said in a statement to the campaign, “Representative Garrison is a tireless advocate for the people of Ohio. She will bring intellect and a spirit of service to the job of Secretary of State”.

Ohio Senate endorsements include: Capri Cafaro (Hubbard), Jason Wilson (Columbiana), Sue Morano (Lorain), Tom Sawyer (Akron), Eric Kearney (Cincinnati), and Fred Strahorn (Dayton).

At her announcement, Rep. Garrison was endorsed by there members of the Congressional delegation: Congressmen Zach Space (Dover), Charlie Wilson (St. Clairsville), and Steve Driehaus (Cincinnati).

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Jennifer Garrison, Candidate for Secretary of State

August 13th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Seriously, is Garrison as bad as this lefty HuffPo blogger says? If they keep talking about her like this, I may have to vote for her over Senator Jon Husted (R-Upper Arlington).

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SoS Primary Cat Fight

August 4th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Mark Niquette has been doing the best reporting on this announcement from yesterday:

State Rep. Jennifer Garrison of Marietta formally announced yesterday that she is running for secretary of state, and she accused her expected opponent in the May Democratic primary of violating state campaign-finance rules.

Garrison noted that Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown reported accepting a $50,000 loan from her brother-in-law on July 23, even though such loans are subject to the $11,396 contribution limit for statewide candidates.

“If you aspire to be the chief elections officer, you should be upholding campaign-finance laws,” Garrison, 47, told reporters after announcing her candidacy.

The only way that candidates can accept family members’ contributions exceeding the limit is if they first file a notice that they intend to use personal funds, said J. Curtis Mayhew, campaign-finance administrator for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

I’ve always been impressed with Garrison, as no other state legislator has been so consistent with years of excellent, no-frills email updates to her constituents which I have found useful, even though I don’t live in the 93rd District. It is fun to watch this race start off with such a serious attack. And as Kyle Sisk noted, Armond Budish is Marilyn Brown’s best friend.

And related news, someone REALLY needs to find Sandy O’Brien a job. I went to literally hundreds of campaign events in 2006 when she was running for Treasurer. And while I was thrilled to see her defeat liberal Republican Treasurer Janett Bradley in a primary, she is now an even less serious statewide candidate than Brian Flannery was in 2006. Sandy’s presentation is like a hyper 1st grade school teacher who is on antidepressant drugs.

I’m no Husted fan, and recently spent more than 15 minutes explaining to Jon himself every reservation I have with him at a Salem radio event in Cleveland. But conservatives should have some newfound respect for Jon after he stood up to the weak-kneed Ohio Senate majority over the budget compromise and Strickland’s VLTs. Jon is an intelligent and serious professional who would be a vast improvement over the ACORN-controlled Jennifer Brunner, while O’Brien is simply nuts.

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