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Ohio’s Boccieri and Wilson Ready for Career-Ending Health Care Vote

March 19th, 2010 Matt View Comments

In Ohio, what is a “blue dog” Democrat? The answer is- A Democrat who maybe likes guns, but is still willing to vote to radically change the relationship Americans have with their Government. After serious arm twisting and backroom deals, Rep. Charlie Wilson and Rep. John Boccieri, who were once likely no votes, are now willing to vote reconciliation on the health care legislation.

From the WaPo:

Democrats picked up two more votes in favor of their health-care package Friday, as Ohio Rep. John Boccieri (D) announced that he would support the final measure after having opposed the original House bill in November. Fellow Ohio Democrat Charles Wilson, who had been publicly undecided, also issued a news release saying he would vote “yes.”

“I will be voting yes for the bill,” Boccieri said at a news conference outside the Capitol, flanked by constituents from his northeast Ohio district.

And from Rep. Wilson’s website:

WASHINGTON, DC – After reviewing the CBO score and the final reconciliation bill (H.R. 4872) language, U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson announced his support of the Senate health reform bill and the reconciliation bill which will make necessary changes to the Senate bill.
Analysis released yesterday by the Congressional Budget Office concludes that the health reform bill with the amendments in the reconciliation bill will lead to a reduction of $138 billion in the federal deficit over a ten year period. In addition, it will cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the second ten year period –the largest deficit reduction measure in 17 years.

“This bill is not perfect, but it is a strong step forward,” Wilson said. “I have seen the CBO score and the reconciliation changes for myself. This bill will not add a dime to the deficit. I am confident that the Senate bill will be amended by the reconciliation language and that special deals for certain states, like Nebraska, have been taken out, that affordability for middle class families has been improved and that the harmful excise tax on high cost health plans has been adjusted. For these reasons and for the benefits that this bill will bring to my constituents, I will support the Senate bill with the announced reconciliation changes.”

The CBO score is a non-issue, as it is preliminary and full of accounting gimmicks:

All of this scheming and maneuvering is catching up with them. The Washington Post reports today that CBO now says the latest version of the Democratic plan will no longer cut the deficit as the Democrats have claimed. That’s not surprising. To buy votes, they are upping the subsidies in the exchanges, expanding the Medicare prescription-drug benefit, delaying the Cadillac tax, and buying off countless members with other assorted and unseen deals (where are the C-SPAN cameras when you really need them?). Little wonder that even their phony deficit-reduction claims have now evaporated.

But the game is not over. Even now, they are going back to CBO with another bag full of tricks. They will never actually impose any sort of real budget discipline, of course. That would cost them votes. But no gimmick is too shameless for them; they will do anything if allows them to claim that enactment of another runaway entitlement program will actually improve our long-term budget outlook.

Fortunately, the public is not buying it. The American people see through the smokescreen. They know full well that Congress wants to put in place another unfinanced and expensive entitlement program, even as the federal government is piling up debt at a record pace. Which is why they are telling their elected representatives in every way they can to stop the madness already — and start over.

In 1994, then-Congressman Strickland lost what is now Rep. Wilson’s seat to Frank Cremeans because of Ted’s support for Hillarycare. Wouldn’t you love to know what was so compelling that two Ohio Congressmen are willing to disregard political realities, bend Congressional rules, and vote against the will of a majority of their constituents? They are either getting some horrible advice or were made an offer they couldn’t refuse.

OH-16: Boccieri Willing to Commit Political Suicide for Health Care?

March 17th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Unlike like Dennis Kucinich, Congressman John Boccieri apparently can’t be persuaded with a simple flight on Air Force One and public arm twisting:

Urgently wanting his “yes” vote on the health care bill, the White House late last week invited U.S. Rep. John Boccieri, D-Alliance, to attend President Barack Obama’s Monday afternoon speech on health care in Strongsville.

The president’s staff even offered Boccieri a ride to Ohio on Air Force One.

But Boccieri’s spokeswoman, Jessica Kershaw, said the congressman, who flew home separately Friday, had other plans.

Declining to join Gov. Ted Strickland, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Avon, and five Ohio Democratic congressmen in welcoming Obama about 1 p.m., Boccieri opted not to make the 50-mile drive to Strongsville, even though Obama was going to talk about Boccieri’s constituent, Natoma Canfield, 50, of Medina.

But according to Hugh Hewitt, it’s a very different story behind the scenes:

Many of them won’t survive the fall campaign to hear them.  Take Ohio’s John Boccieri for example.  The Canton Democrat is allegedly pro-life, but the Senate bill subsidizes abortion and eliminated the House bills provisions concerning freedom of conscience for providers. Boccieri refused to show up for the underwhelmingly attended rally led by the president in Ohio yesterday, but House Whip James Clyburn said that Boccieri, a “no” vote in the fall, will be switching over to vote yes now  –demonstrating not only that he’s easily pushed around by San Fran Nan, but that his first vote wasn’t an honest one but designed for cover.

Blue Dog Democrats in Ohio have to walk a fine line here by supporting an agenda that their constituency overwhelmingly opposes. But my question is- What sort of things did the White House have to do to get Boccieri into a position that he will probably vote yes? Unless it’s pictures of him with a dead girl or a live boy, what else would possibly make him so eager end his career in Congress?

Senator Capri Cafaro’s Father JJ Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge re: Capri’s Fundraising

February 23rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Ted Strickland, Congressman John Boccieri, JJ Cafaro, and Congressman Charlie Wilson

I like how Capri, like any good woman of the mob, knows not to ask too many questions about how family members get the job done. Is it possible for JJ to look the part any better than he does? Right out of central casting:

John J. Cafaro, the retired vice president of the Cafaro Company, was named in a bill of information Monday morning from the United States District Court and is expected to plead guilty.

The single charge is for a violation of federal election law.

The bill accuses “J.J.” Cafaro of “knowingly and willfully caused to be falsified, concealed and covered up by trick, scheme, and device material facts and caused to be made materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement and representation, in that he caused the responsible official of the Capri Cafaro for Congress Committee to file with the FEC a quarterly report that falsely stated that he had contributed only $2,000 to the general election campaign, when in fact, as John J. Cafaro then well knew, John J. Cafaro actually contributed an additional $10,000 in the form of a loan to a campaign staffer for the benefit of the general election campaign.”

The maximum individual contribution allowed by law to federal candidates is $2,000 for the general election and $2,000 for the primary election.

The accusations are related to daughter Capri Cafaro’s 2004 failed bid for the 14th U.S. Congressional District where she ran against Steve LaTourette.

Currently Capri Cafaro is serving as a state senator in Ohio’s 33rd District.[...]

This is not the first criminal proceeding against J.J. Cafaro. In 2002 he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge related to a bribe given to then-congressman James Traficant. J.J. Cafaro was sentenced to 15 months of probation which means that probation expired just months before the allegations in this case began. In the 2002 case, Cafaro admitted that he bribed Traficant to help a company in which Capri Cafaro was an executive.

And like a good father, he covers for his daughter:

In a statement released by Attorney Ralph E. Cascarilla, counsel for J.J. Cafaro, Cafaro states “Although I always wanted to help my daughter in her campaign, I made a mistake for which I am solely responsible. As the investigation has determined, my daughter was not involved in any way. I sincerely regret any embarrassment or hardship I have caused my daughter and those who work with her. I am proud of her and what she has accomplished. Again, I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for my actions.”

As I’ve joked before, in 2008 Capri campaigned vigorously against payday lending in the Senate, as she wanted to protect the Youngstown loan sharks where the interest rate was somewhere between 1 knee cap and 2.

Posting anything about this makes me feel like I should check under my car for explosives.

OH-16: RINO Matt Miller Runs for Congress

September 16th, 2009 Matt View Comments

There appears to be a number of Republicans wanting to be the candidate to defeat John Boccieri in the 16th Congressional District. And while it is difficult to keep track of every local office holder seeking higher office, I was particularly struck by the name Matt Miller, an Ashland County Commissioner.

From his website, someone might think he would be a standard Reagan Republican, especially with his affiliation with the wonderful John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs.

But Matt is no conservative. And while I have much more to say on this, my example for today on why voters cannot trust Miller is his support for Gov. Ted Strickland during the 2006 campaign:

Toledo Blade, March 26, 2006
A young man walked up to Ted Strickland shortly after a candidate forum this week in Canton. He identified himself as a Republican, shook Mr. Strickland’s hand, and delivered a quick but harsh message. “You’ve got to add details to your answers,” said the Republican, Matt Miller, who is an Ashland County commissioner. He added: “You could win this.” This is life for Mr. Strickland, a congressman from southern Ohio and the Democratic front-runner in the governor’s race. Democrats and Republicans alike say they want more answers from him. Many also call him the favorite in the general election.

Apparently, Miller was part of the cheering section Ted Strickland- The same Gov. Strickland who has seen unemployment double in Ohio to 11.2% and the same fiscally irresponsible governor who tries to balance budgets through questionable gimmicks like unconstitutionally taxing food, using tobacco settlement money, and shoving gambling down the throats of the same voters who have voted against gambling repeatedly. If Miller is such a conservative, then why would he actively support the opponent of the most conservative candidate to ever run for Governor?

Stay tuned for more on liberal Matt Miller.

Ohio Democrats Not Thrilled With Obama’s Health Care Bill & Abortion Funding

July 24th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Maggie Thurber has quotes from Zack Space, John Boccieri, Mary Jo Kilroy, and Tim Ryan- all of whom have concerns about ObamaCare and could easily lose their next election based on this one issue.

And they are especially divided over the public funding of abortion:

In addition to taxes and cost containment, the Ohio delegation remains divided over abortion funding. Democrats Marcy Kaptur of Toledo and Steve Driehaus of Cincinnati say they would oppose a bill if it used Medicaid to pay for abortions.

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Niles, an opponent of abortion rights, floated a possible compromise. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Ryan urged that the final version of the bill “makes clear that no insurance company will be required to pay for an abortion except in extraordinary circumstances.”

And don’t forget Sherrod Brown probably isn’t allowed snuggle up next to Connie Schultz’s award-winning hairy armpits and is still sleeping on the sofa after saying this:

Despite contrasting views on abortion, both U.S. senators from Ohio oppose including abortion coverage in any new federal health care plan, their offices said. Republican George Voinovich opposes abortion as well as government subsidies for covering abortions. Democrat Sherrod Brown backs abortion rights, but notes that current federal insurance programs don’t pay for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother. He says those rules should apply to future federally funded health care programs.

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