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Issue 3, MTR, Penn National & Competitive Bidding

August 23rd, 2009 Matt View Comments

Issue 3 and this gambling debate is something of a mess, and Brent Larkin calls Gov. Ted out on allowing that to happen:

Ohio’s seven horse racing tracks will pay $65 million each to build slot machine parlors on their properties. The racetrack deal, engineered by Gov. Ted Strickland and his minions in the legislature, represented public policy at its worst.

Jeffrey Hooke, a Maryland-based casino expert and investment banker, said a fair price for each casino license would be in the $300 million to $500 million range. Hooke described the governor’s deal with the racetracks as “the greatest taxpayer ripoff in Ohio history.”

Strickland has made a mess of Ohio’s gambling climate. Any governor with a modicum of vision could have seen this coming and pushed a ballot issue that required a bidding process for casinos and racetrack slot machines.

But Gov. Strickland opposes an open bidding process, because that would make life difficult for MTR lobbyists Chris and Kim Redfern and the Ohio Democrat Party, all of whom will milk this gambling issue for every possible personal and political benefit.

Therefore, I am filing public records requests, as I am yet to read anywhere in the press of who met with Gov. Strickland’s administration on this deal. Just how was MTR selected as the company which would be used to fill holes in the budget? Was this just something Ted and Chris arranged at Club 185 in German Village over coffee and club sandwiches?

In addition, I will publish reports on just why Kim Redfern works as a lobbyist for these clients: Colonial Life Insurance, Thomas Fok & Associates, Information Control Corporation, Continental Real Estate, 3SG Corporation, Poggemeyer Design Group, Deloitte Consulting, TriVIN, City of Parma, PRIME Engineering, DCK North America, Berger & Montague, Informatica, Lawyers Development Corporation, PT Coures, and IQity.

And while the smart people over at fight to questions of VLTs over to voters, the Ohio Grocers Association fights the unconstitutional application of the CAT tax to food, and judges properly stop the misuse of tobacco settlement money, I will expose the corruption of Ohio Democrat Party Chris Redfern and his wife Kim.

Let the fun begin!

A Place for Chris & Kim Redfern to Dump Gambling $$$?

August 5th, 2009 Matt View Comments

There was a new PAC registered this week, called the North Coast Leadership PAC. It uses the exact same address that Chris Redfern used as a State Representative, 2841 North Bluff Ridge Dr. in Port Clinton, and the address lists Kimberly Redfern as a resident. The Treasurer is Thomas Ferrell.

It will be fascinating to watch who donates to this PAC, and what the money is used for, as this PAC is quite suspicious.

And while the amounts of money Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern and  Kim has made off of MTR will never truly be known, you can be assured they made far more than the $14,000 salary of the average MTR racino employee.

In Your Face, Sandy Theis!

July 31st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From Gongwer $$$:

The Ohio Supreme Court today rejected an attempt from owners of Scioto Downs to block a rival’s Nov. 3 ballot issue to build four casinos across the state.

Justices said in a 7-0 opinion that the Columbus horse track failed to file a proper challenge to initiative petitions that the Ohio Jobs & Growth Committee filed on behalf of its proposed constitutional amendment.

The court also said Scioto did not establish it was entitled to an order that would invalidate certain petitions.

Scioto is owned by MTR Gaming Group, which operates a casino in West Virginia.

The court also said Scioto did not establish it was entitled to an order that would invalidate certain petitions.
Scioto is owned by MTR Gaming Group, which operates a casino in West Virginia.

And MTR is also the company that Mr. and Mrs. Chris Redfern lobby on behalf of.

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