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Another Sandy Theis Flop

March 4th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Even though this story shouldn’t have been run at all, Mark Naymik better start sounding more enthusiastic about Shady Sandy’s smears, or not only will he not get a job with Strickland if he wins, but Sandy will literally KILL MARK AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY AS THEY SLEEP!:

Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich did not have special access to an investment he reported on his 1999 congressional financial disclosure statement.

The report – which Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign now says was filled out incorrectly – led one blogger to suggest Kasich had inside information.

The former nine-term congressman and chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee purchased shares of two mutual funds – Munder’s NetNet Fund and Goldman Sachs’ Internet Tollkeeper Fund — on July 1 of 1999, according to his financial disclosure statement.

But Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign says the transactions were actually made in 2000 but recorded by mistake on the 1999 form, which was completed in 2000.

Blogger Bill Sloat, a former Plain Dealer reporter who writes The Daily Bellwether, correctly reported on his blog that the Goldman Sachs’ Internet Tollkeeper Fund was not publicly available until Oct. 1 1999. But Sloat suggested that Kasich could not have purchased the fund early without special access to the fund.

“Did he have access to inside information? Sloat speculated, offering potential Kasich critics a juicy nugget of political gossip.

There was no financial benefit for changing the date of the transaction. It was simply a clerical error.

The names I want to call Sloat and Sandy are not printable.

Song Dedicated to Sandy Theis

February 25th, 2010 Matt Comments off

Yesterday at the Statehouse, Ted Strickland’s campaign bone-cruncher Sandy Theis was spotted reading my blog on her laptop, probably annoyed that I picked on her for that lame Kasich property sale smear she floated to her former employer, The Plain Dealer.

I have not met Sandy. But I’ve been inches away and have seen the crazy in her eyes…This song is dedicated to her:

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Hey Plain Dealer! Here’s Another Property Sale Story to Write About

February 24th, 2010 Matt Comments off

On Monday, I talked about what I think is a lame property deal issue written by the Plain Dealer and fed to them by former PD reporter-turned-Strickland-bonecrusher Sandy Theis. It is non-issue, making a big deal about a property sale involving land that was difficult to build on and thus sold for under market value.

But the super-duper lawyer Brian Hester at Plunderdumb is not finished pushing this story which was originally fed to blogs, calling Kasich “Clintonian” and making a big deal about a arm’s-length transaction:

I guess it all matters on what your definition of “arm’s length transaction” is.  To me, if your arm is doing a celebratory “reach around” to the other side at the bargaining table, it’s not really an “arms length transaction.”  John Kasich and his lawyer/business partner/campaign donor apparently disagree.

Today’s front-page story on the Cleveland Plain Dealer was a story first broke by Bill Sloat over at the Daily Bellweather. (Well, actually, it’s been news since Kasich ran for President in ‘00, but Sloat brought it back up a few weeks ago.)

Here the key paragraphs:

[Kasich] paid a fraction of the price of neighboring parcels for a home site on 10 acres that backed up to a heron rookery, and was adjacent to a golf course. The county initially thought the land was worth $172,500. Kasich insisted it was only worth what he paid: $105,000.

Yet public records examined by The Plain Dealer suggest the story of Kasich’s land deal is nuanced and complex. It appears Kasich got a good price, but anything else may be conjecture.

Kasich said there was nothing unusual about the deal.

“This was a plot of land that other people didn’t want to have,” Kasich said in an interview last week. “It was troubled property.”

Kasich claims nobody wanted the property… except the article mentioned that  two developers separately considered buying the property and Kasich’s neighbor had actually made an offer for it… higher than what Kasich offered.  Oh, and that the owner was able to “unload” similiar [sic] lots she owned on the same street later at twice to six times the price per acre she sold it to Kasich.

So for Kasich to claim he was buying property that the owner was having trouble unloading was, well, just not true.  Second, the property was being sold by the owner’s widow, which ordinarily means that the property is selling at a below market price as property generally will be bought cheaper than otherwise because the seller is motivated to sell quickly.  In fact, every person in the story agrees that the seller was motivated to sell as quickly as possible, so price was not a controlling factor.

In fairness, Kasich and the lawyer who represented the owner during the transaction claim (and the lawyer testified to the County Board of Revisions as such) that the deal was an “arms length transaction.”  That term is generally defined as:

A transaction in which the buyers and sellers of a product act independently and have no relationship to each other. The concept of an arm’s length transaction is to ensure that both parties in the deal are acting in their own self interest and are not subject to any pressure or duress from the other party.

Except that Kasich admits that he was friends of both the seller and her late husband.  And he bought the land for 1/6 of the price per acre of similar sized lots that the SAME BUYER sold in the SAME SUBDIVISION, ON THE SAME STREET  later.  The difference in price cannot be explained, as Kasich and the seller’s attorney tries to suggest, by the mere fact that Kasich’s lot didn’t already have sewer access which should only be about $20,000 in additional costs.  The difference between Kasich’s per acre price compared to the closest similar lot per acre to his price  would almost have covered the cost of installing a sewer system alone.  So Kasich’s price was more than enough to cover the additional costs ten times over, likely even more than that.

But, Modern, why would the lawyer for the seller be motivated to say it was an “arms length” transaction if it wasn’t?  Oh, I dunno:







That might have something to do with it.  It was likely Hartman who told Kasich about the availability of the land in the first place.  Kasich, apparently, was not separately represented by either legal counsel or a real estate agent.  He didn’t need to be as Hartman was hardly an adversial [sic] representative.

Hartman not only likely was the person to invite Kasich’s offer and was a significant donor to his congressional, and then later, presidential campaign, but he then represented Kasich in front of the Delaware County Board of Revisions to get the County to overrule its own property appraisal’s valuation of the property and accept the contractual price that Kasich paid, even though it was substantially less than any other similarly sized lot in the same street had been sold by the same seller (and Kasich had no independent appraisal showing that the property was only worth what he paid for it.)

Not only that, but the Plain Dealer reports that a few years after getting Kasich this deal and then getting Kasich a major property tax break by successfully fighting the valuation, Hartman and Kasich went into business together… flipping real property in Delaware County at significant profits.

So, it’s really it’s Kasich and his own lawyer/business partner/campaign donor coming to Kasich’s defense.

The problem here is, with property sales, almost everything is an arms length transaction, as it is a sale involving a willing buyer and willing seller, both of whom understand all details (ie, market value). And under Ohio law, the sales price becomes the appraisal price, which is how the government decides how much in property tax to gouge you with.

However, it is possible that a family member could sell to another far below market value. And the only instance an arms lengths transaction is challenged– er, unless you are a hack Plain Dealer reporter writing what Sandy Theis tells you to — is when a family member sells to another family member or when the property is sold at an auction.

But to use ModernEsquire’s and Theis’ level of suspicious scrutiny, then the Plain Dealer should write a silly article about Gov. Ted Strickland’s questionable sale of his Columbus condo.

This is the same Condo the Blackwell campaign raised questions about  in 2006, as the Stricklands paid taxes in Columbus while claiming to live in a crappy, unfurnished shack located above his former congressional campaign office in Libson. (He wasn’t a resident of the district he represented in Congress.)

Since Strickland now works at the Governor’s mansion (surrounded by boozing inmates and prison drug smuggling operations) he sold his condo in Whitehall at 5561 Chowning Way.

And according to Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo’s website, it was sold to Judy Newman.

So how well did Strickland know Newman?

From the Governor’s website:

Office of the First Lady

Todd Rensi will serve as chief of staff. Rensi, of Columbus, was an aide for Frances Strickland throughout the gubernatorial campaign and a longtime staff member at the Ohio Democratic Party.

Judy Newman, of Lucasville, who worked in Strickland’s Congressional office as a field representative since 1999, will serve as project coordinator in the first lady’s office.

And since Strickland bought the property for $135k in 2003 then sells it for $128K for years later for a $7000 loss (Another brilliant personal investment strategy by the Governor!), Columbus Public Schools are getting less tax revenue.

And, unlike Kasich’s sale which involved property that was difficult to build on and install plumbing in, Strickland’s condo was built and in good condition.

In reality, Kasich’s and Strickland’s property sales are perfectly legitimate, arm-length transactions. But Democrats here have set such a high standard that almost any property sale is immediately suspect… if you are Republican.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the biased Plain Dealer to cover Strickland’s property transaction anytime soon.

The Shady Sandy Strikes Again!

February 22nd, 2010 Matt Comments off

As I noted before, fresh off her various stripper/slot-machine vice campaigns, former Plain Dealer reporter Sandy Theis was hired by Ted Strickland to essentially to kill John Kasich. And knowing how tough Theis can be, I might mean “killing” quite literally.

Sandy has a working relationship with former Plain Dealer reporter-turned-blogger Bill Sloat & Plunderdumb (the site’s owner and Theis are both former Progress Ohio employees). And now she is using their sites to dump stories about Kasich, then feeding those stories to newspapers.

This time, it is about how John Kasich got a good deal on his property, and the Plain Dealer picked it up this morning. The article takes a scandalous tone… but then on paragraph 4, Joe Guillen noted “[P]ublic records examined by The Plain Dealer suggest the story of Kasich’s land deal is nuanced and complex. It appears Kasich got a good price, but anything else may be conjecture.

But that’s exactly the point of this article: conjecture. Paragraphs of conjecture, designed to raise questions, gently imply law-breaking, and put Kasich’s campaign on the defensive. It even includes this fantastic line:

Did Kasich get a steal, and was it at the expense of the widow?

But by the end of the article, we learn that everyone involved says the deal was fair. And we learn Kasich bought some land that was very difficult to work with (very wet and the extremely soft soil made it difficult to install a sewer system)… but he was smart enough to buy and improve its value.

Oh hum.

This is the game folks. The truth doesn’t matter, because in politics, PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

Sandy knows this. And she also knows that in politics, WHEN YOU ARE EXPLAINING, YOU ARE LOSING.

With various articles she wrote as a Plain Dealer reporter, Theis mastered the art of a good smear. And now, she is making sure these nuggets about Kasich slowly trickle out… In fact, she has to have at least 5 of these stories ready to fire, which can create scandalous headlines but have facts softer than Kasich’s crappy soil.

I deeply respect bone-crusher Theis’ ability to fight for her clients. But the timing between her being hired and the Plain Dealer’s sudden interest in easily-accessible home valuation records is hilarious.

Am I right, or did I just smear Sandy? You be the judge.

Kasich should sue.

Slutty Strippers, Slot Scofflaws, & Strickland Spokesbabe?… Shady Sandy!

January 27th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Sandy Will KILL You

Sandy Theis, former Plain Dealer reporter turned Leftist PR agitator (not much of a difference between those jobs), is now working for Ted Strickland:

Gov. Ted Strickland’s re-election campaign has tapped a Columbus political veteran to help on its re-election campaign.

Sandy Theis, a former Columbus bureau chief for the Plain Dealer, joined the campaign Dec. 1 and will be “focusing mainly on communications,” she said.

Since leaving the Plain Dealer in 2006, Theis has been a communications consultant involved in a number of the state’s biggest and nastiest fights: utility regulation, casino gambling and the Democratic battle for the U.S. Senate. Theis is a communications consultant for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner senate campaign. Brunner, of course, faces Strickland’s former running mate and Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

The reporter who wrote that is Mark Naymik, who used to work along side Sandy, and was gentle in his description- Which, instead of due to friendship, is probably due to a sincere belief that Sandy might drive up to Cleveland and physically rip off his head and defecate down his throat.

She, along criminals like Leo Jennings,  has been one of those various political operatives who have worked for ProgressOhio, a 501c4 funded by Soros, Lewis, SEIU, and other various interests and communist fronts.

And, most famously, she was the spokesbabe for strippers, when the debates were raging in Ohio about how close a stripper can be to a patron. So I suppose with her new job she isn’t being hypocritical, as most of those crinkled-up sweaty dollar bills in their thongs will not be subjected to Ted Strickland’s 4.2% income tax hike.

And she probably had a good relationship with Gov. Strickland, as her anti-casino campaign was actually funded by MTR, the same gambling company that Mrs. Chris Redfern lobbies for and was going to provide slot machines at Ohio’s race tracks until the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Maybe she will be able to coordinate all of the laundered MTR gambling money to Strickland and other candidates.

But, politics aside, as I’ve told Sandy, I admire her work. She is tough as hell, and that- along with the combination of her dash of craziness with her lack of a soul- are ideal for a political tactician.

In addition, as a reporter, she was largely responsible for exposing corrupt former Speaker of the House Larry Householder and ruining Jim Petro’s election chances in 2006. The stories she broke were echoed and added to by The Columbus Dispatch, and this growing media coverage lead to FBI investigations and serious headaches for the sleazy Republican establishment.

So while we are all admiring the comments that will come from Corzine-flunky Lissssssssssssssssss Smith and as we gaze upon her classic beauty, Sandy will be behind the scenes crunching bones and burying bodies.

Will Issue 3 End Church Fundraising Games?

August 21st, 2009 Matt View Comments

I rather indifferent to the gambling debate, and would love to see a flow chart for all the various gambling interests in Ohio, as it is surprisingly complicated. But I tried to get a response from Sandy Theis on this issue, as it sounds about as serious as when every state wide Republican office holder, except Ken Blackwell, opposed the 2004 marriage amendment because it would supposedly bring an end to domestic abuse laws while stopping government and universities from providing benefits to homosexual partners. Those concerns ended up being scare tactics and total lies.

Theis may spam me, but she won’t answer my questions- So I’ll ask you: Is this a fair comparison to the claims made by Theis’ MTR front group? If not, then why do so many ballot issues come down to debates over wording which was written by supposedly intelligent lawyers and approved by the Attorney General’s office?

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MTR’s & Sandy Theis

August 6th, 2009 Matt View Comments launched this morning, which is a new-anti gambling effort… or is it?:

It is unclear who is bankrolling this anti-casino effort. TruthPAC spokeswoman Sandy Theis said, “we expect money to come from a lot of different places from people opposed to this amendment but I don’t know where the initial money came from.” Theis said she would get an answer.

Theis most recently worked with MTR Gaming which filed suit last month at the Ohio Supreme Court hoping to knock the casino amendment off of the Nov. 3 ballot. MTR, chaired by Cleveland developer Jeff Jacobs, owns a Columbus area horse race track and casino in West Virginia that could be threatened by the Ohio casino proposal.

McLaughlin is also the personal pollster of MTR Chairman Jeff Jacobs. And MTR is the company providing the VLTs that Strickland unconstitutionally ordered to be placed in 7 racetracks. MTR is also the firm that Chris and  Kim Redfern lobby for.

In addition, their treasurer is Michael Johrendt, a business and tax attorney who served as Gov. Ted Strickland’s treasurer from 2005 until December 2008.

Therefore, this sure looks like a gambling interest opposing another gambling interest.

There is nothing wrong with special interests funding efforts which cause political change. In fact, I’m not even an advocate for full disclosure, as it can set up individual donors up for retribution. And being in favor or opposed to the expanion gambling doesn’t come close to touching the real issues which make Ohio such a lousy place to conduct business.

But I will do what is necessary to expose the money laundromat that is quitely being set up to help Ohio Democrats. Could this group be part of that effort? Yes.

Below the fold is their press release from this morning:

Click to continue reading “MTR’s & Sandy Theis”

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In Your Face, Sandy Theis!

July 31st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From Gongwer $$$:

The Ohio Supreme Court today rejected an attempt from owners of Scioto Downs to block a rival’s Nov. 3 ballot issue to build four casinos across the state.

Justices said in a 7-0 opinion that the Columbus horse track failed to file a proper challenge to initiative petitions that the Ohio Jobs & Growth Committee filed on behalf of its proposed constitutional amendment.

The court also said Scioto did not establish it was entitled to an order that would invalidate certain petitions.

Scioto is owned by MTR Gaming Group, which operates a casino in West Virginia.

The court also said Scioto did not establish it was entitled to an order that would invalidate certain petitions.
Scioto is owned by MTR Gaming Group, which operates a casino in West Virginia.

And MTR is also the company that Mr. and Mrs. Chris Redfern lobby on behalf of.

Are Sandy Theis’ Duel Roles a Conflict of Interest?

July 19th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Yes, without question.

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