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I Suppose This is One Way to Bring Zack Space Out of Hiding

August 27th, 2009 Matt Comments

Sleep outside his office:

ZANESVILLE — A Licking County minister and former Hebron Lakewood football coach could be spending the next several days camped in downtown Zanesville.

Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass The Salt Ministries plans to hold a round-the-clock vigil outside of U.S. Rep. Zack Space’s Zanesville office, until Space agrees to hold a town hall meeting on health reform.

The vigil is set to begin at 7 a.m. Thursday, and Daubenmire plans to sleep outside of the office at 17 N. Fourth St. The only time he won’t be there is when he leaves every day for his football coaching duties at Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster.

Perhaps Space can just take a page out of Steve Driehaus’ playbook, and host a heavily-controlled, ticketed photo op.

OH-1 Steve Driehaus is Cruisin for Abusin’

August 25th, 2009 Matt Comments

I certainly give him credit, and Driehaus is one of the so-called “blue dogs” who aren’t entirely comfortable with government taking over 15% of the economy, but I can’t imagine this event turning out well…

From the Enquirer:

After the chairman of the Hamilton County Republicans accused him of being “fearful” of open forums on health care reform, Rep. Steve Driehaus accepted the GOP’s invitation to discuss the subject at a Green Township Republican Club meeting next month.

“I accept gladly,” the West Price Hill Democrat said Friday morning, responding to the challenge from Hamilton County Republican chairman Alex Triantafilou. “If the chairman thinks I am trying to hide from the public on this issue, I’m doing a pretty poor job of it.”

Triantafilou’s criticism of Driehaus and his invitation to speak to Green Township Republicans came Thursday after the Enquirer reported that a meeting featuring Driehaus organized by the Green Township Democratic Club for next Wednesday night at Nathanael Greene Lodge had been turned into a ticket-only affair.[...]

The meeting, Traintafilou said, “will be respectful and civil. There will be none of this shouting and nonsense. But there will be some tough questions asked.”

OH-1: Steve Driehaus Knows the Health Care Bill Means Problems for His Re-Election Campaign

August 19th, 2009 Matt Comments

Check out his comments from the AP:

In the House, the freshmen bloc has the ear of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Conservative Democrats delayed the health care bill for days as tenderfoots such as Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus asked for time to study the proposals, and Pelosi eased away from a tax surcharge on the wealthy at the request of others.

“They know where the majority comes from,” said Driehaus, who faces a rematch in 2010 against former GOP lawmaker Steve Chabot, who was ousted last year. “On the one hand, they want to make sure that we hold the base of the Democratic Party. One the other hand, they’re working hard to ensure that we protect the seats that we’ve picked up over the last two cycles. That’s a tricky balancing act.”[...]

Lawmakers have faced the fiercest lobbying from conservative constituents. After a town hall meeting repeatedly disrupted by heckling and shouting, Driehaus walked out of the Cincinnati building this month with his 13-year-old daughter to face more protesters. Some were shouting his home address, which Driehaus deemed “a veiled threat toward the safety and of myself and my family.”

“There’s a lot of anger out there,” he said in an interview.

I can imagine Nancy Pelosi stopping by Driehaus’s office today and violently grabbing his testicles.

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Steve Driehaus’ Townhall Meeting

August 4th, 2009 Matt Comments

Reports can be found here and here. There will hopefully be more video soon, as the people where cheering for Steve Chabot at the end of the meeting.

This sort of town hall meeting attack is EXACTLY what needs to happen more often to stop ObamaCare. My favorite thus far is this one with Arlen Specter, the Democrat-Republican-Democrat from PA. (Oh those pesky constituents!)

And union thugs are referring to the asking of these important questions as thuggery. HA HA

Does anyone have Mary Jo Kilroy’s schedule?